6W1A2270 F

Located near the Giza Pyramids, this office belongs to Eva, a third generation pharmaceutical company, and accommodates the sales, marketing and HR departments.


Four years after completing the original Kamelizer, I got a call from Hanan Meguid to design their new office space, literally next door to the first one. I was briefed that the Kamelizer II aimed to appeal to a younger audience, that it needed quiet areas such as meeting rooms and training spaces, and that it would be working with a smaller budget.


Previously El Gouna Museum, the space was built over 20 years ago and its maze-like interior was the first challenge I tackled. This meant that I had to somehow un-maze the space and brighten it up, while keeping the load bearing walls intact.


After a decade of designing offices in Cairo, the chance to design a 1500-meter space in a beautiful building, surrounded by 5000 meters of landscaping in Gouna was no less than a dream come true.


A multinational company located at the GrEEK Campus, PwC wanted a welcoming office for start-ups and small to medium businesses that maintains its professional demeanor.


An office space in the GrEEK Campus belonging to an old friend, this project was close to my heart and one I was given complete creative liberty in.


Located in one of the most congested parts of the city, both visually and audibly, it was imperative to create an environment that was not only conducive to work, but also calming.


When my friends at the Doum Cultural Foundation wanted advice regarding the interior of their new headquarters, I was eager to work with them since I support their mission and goal, but on a special note, the space was a Ramses Wissa Wassef house.


This project was about converting a century old apartment into a hub for innovators and change makers. With a desire to develop positive and sustainable change, Ice Cairo wanted a professional looking space that would be fun and lively, yet done on a small budget.


Accelero Capital is probably one of the most formal and corporate projects I’ve designed. Having worked with three of its partners before, a trustworthy relationship already existed. As such, designing this investment and management office proved to be a smooth and rewarding experience.