photography by ahmed ehab

designed: 2015 by ramzi makram-ebeid

“Ramzi has clearly understood PWC needs and passionately followed our branding guidelines, yet keeping the fresh and colorful young look which we have requested. PWC Egypt takes pride in its unique premises at the GrEEk Campus and highly recommends Ramzi Ebeid for similar services.”  Tarek Mansour – Country Senior Partner

A multinational company located at the GrEEK Campus, PWC wanted a welcoming office for start-ups and small to medium businesses that maintains its professional demeanor. Though I was working under global guidelines for this project, PWC were flexible and open to my ideas – a liberty I much appreciated.

For inspiration I turned to the famed AUC Library steps that the office overlooks and the vibrant PWC logo. The iconic steps led me to divide the space into several levels, each serving a different function. In terms of the aesthetics, the PWC logo was complementary to the zoning plan and proved to be a perfect style guide.

Identifying the Space

Playing around with levels, we were able to create a reception area, an informal/projector viewing area, a work area, a meeting space and a kitchenette. All the spaces have a degree of privacy, yet are afforded a clear view of the large projector screen and whiteboard. Ultimately, the entire space serves as a viewing area for the projector, including all the steps that were specifically designed for circulation as well as seating.

When it came to the palette, I wanted the PWC corporate colors to stand out as much as possible. I opted for a white backdrop and highlighted the space with seating and some accessories in the brand’s colors. The end result are color coded areas that match the corporate brand as well as the division created by the steps.

Finishing Touches

Seeing as an all-white space could easily become too clinical, the finishes I chose were crucial. Venturing towards natural materials, I installed solid oak flooring, while the workstations are fitted with oak veneers. I exposed the brick walls to give the space a converted feel and to create an interesting dichotomy between the sleek finishes and the rough surroundings.

Writing surfaces are an element I enjoy in any space and at PWC I introduced two of these. The projector wall simultaneously serves as a whiteboard, while a frosted glass wall that was inspired by my client serves as a place to write notes as well as provide indirect lighting.  

I wanted this space to be cold and clean, so all of the lighting is white. In order to be flexible and to showcase the different materials, I installed track lighting throughout.

Having worked with Mazura contracting before on Kamelizer – which was coincidentally in the same building and on the same floor, only one office down – we had already gained knowledge of the building and were able to complete the project seamlessly.

Contracting by: Mazura