The Doodle Bar

Doodle Bar

By merging two of my client’s key characteristics – her love of doodling and the delight she takes in entertaining guests – I was able to determine my launch pad for this design.

Cairo Kitchen Tables


I designed these tables for Cairo Kitchen and my inspiration for this project came from Cairo's street cafés. Taking my lead from the typical 'tarabezet el qahwa' (coffee table), I wanted to pay homage to the settings we often see around the city's streets.

The Invisible Revolving Bar


Designed by Eklego, the home in which my bar was to belong was stylish and elegant.  Therefore when approached to design their bar, I wanted to create a piece that didn’t take away from the newlyweds’ home.  

The Gouna Bar & Buffet


Designed especially for a residential project, the Gouna Bar divides its kitchen area and dining area with a functional sculpture, maintaining the desired circulation of the space.

The Bridge Buffet


This design was inspired by the beauty of suspended bridges. The use of white enamel as the suspended part is a pleasant contrast to the oak and visually balances out the piece.