Pharmaceutical Company

6W1A2270 F

Located near the Giza Pyramids, this office belongs to Eva, a third generation pharmaceutical company, and accommodates the sales, marketing and HR departments.

Kamelizer II


Four years after completing the original Kamelizer, I got a call from Hanan Meguid to design their new office space, literally next door to the first one. I was briefed that the Kamelizer II aimed to appeal to a younger audience, that it needed quiet areas such as meeting rooms and training spaces, and that it would be working with a smaller budget.

Cook’s Club Hotel


When I was offered the chance to redesign the new Casa Cook hotel, formerly Arena Inn, I was initially apprehensive. But once I saw the concept I immediately signed on.

Captain’s Inn

6W1A4052 F3

When I first started my career in interiors and furniture, my dream was to design a boutique hotel. A dozen years later, I finally got the chance when I was hired to redesign El Gouna’s Captain’s Inn.

Dena’s Flat


With a love of Boho, mid-century, Islamic and African designs, combined with a passion for art and graphic design, Dena’s home needed to showcase all aspects of her dynamic personality. Though allowing each element to shine in its own right was important, I also wanted the space to be minimal and calming.  

Chez Me

chez me

Having spent eight years living with my grandparents in this apartment, their house was very much my beloved home. But in time and after their passing it began to feel like a weathered photo album that needed a new cover. I was faced with the difficult task of transforming a space full of memories into my own home.

The Doodle Bar

Doodle Bar

By merging two of my client’s key characteristics – her love of doodling and the delight she takes in entertaining guests – I was able to determine my launch pad for this design.

Cairo Kitchen Tables


I designed these tables for Cairo Kitchen and my inspiration for this project came from Cairo's street cafés. Taking my lead from the typical 'tarabezet el qahwa' (coffee table), I wanted to pay homage to the settings we often see around the city's streets.

Dena’s Bathroom Storage Unit


For this bathroom my client mentioned that she wanted to play around with water friendly woods. Having a lot of products, towels and other accessories I knew we needed something with a lot of space to store everything.

Cairo Kitchen Buffet


Designed for Cairo Kitchen, the establishment wanted a station for the servers to store cutlery, condiments and napkins. Wanting to adhere to the retro style of the space, I aimed to design a piece that was old school and would add some soul to the set up.

Salvaged Bed


Custom designed for a residence I was working on, this bed was to take mid-century sensibility and infuse it with locally salvaged wood, which in this case was a genuine Egyptian mashrabia.

Clumsy Bedside


When a clumsy couple asked me to create a piece of furniture that represented my vision of Egypt’s future, the first thing I did was ask my client what the requirements were and what was otherwise lacking in their home.

Salvaged Sofa

salvaged sofa

Found on the balcony of Dena’s flat, I took advantage of the limited outdoor space by designing a built in sofa. I salvaged a corniche that was found at the local Ezbet Belal market for this piece.

Sliding Log Table


For this coffee table, my client wanted generous space to serve food and drinks on since she often entertains groups of friends. The inspiration for two juxtaposed logs came from her love of wood.

Pharmaceutical Company

6W1A2270 F

Located near the Giza Pyramids, this office belongs to Eva, a third generation pharmaceutical company, and accommodates the sales, marketing and HR departments.

CSO Stools


The Bespoke furniture of the CSO was designed to balance out the dramatic effect of the exposed walls and to introduce a Nordic quality.

Mabruka – Christmas Collection


For Mabruka’s first Christmas collection I decided to create Egyptian inspired tree ornaments.  Using Finnish plywood and gold and silver colored plexi, I was excited to create two collections in each of these materials.



Mabruka is a decoration and accessory line aimed at all occasions celebrated in the Arab world. Created alongside architect and interior designer, Nermine Mokhtar and Laila Neamatalla of Nakhla and Siwa Creations, we realized one Ramadan that we all had the same idea of producing modern, high-end Ramadan accessories for residential and commercial use.