Cairo Kitchen

Osana Family Wellness


Casa Carina



Cook’s Club Hotel


When I was offered the chance to redesign the new Casa Cook hotel, formerly Arena Inn, I was initially apprehensive. But once I saw the concept I immediately signed on.

Captain’s Inn

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When I first started my career in interiors and furniture, my dream was to design a boutique hotel. A dozen years later, I finally got the chance when I was hired to redesign El Gouna’s Captain’s Inn.

Cairo Kitchen

cairo kitchen

A huge fan of Cairo Kitchen’s original design, I was excited at the opportunity to design their new location in a similar yet minimalistic way.

Osana Family Wellness


A holistic family friendly wellness center, Osana set out to bring a much-needed service to the local community. Despite its short deadline (two and a half months), I was intrigued by the project and was instantly hooked.



Sherwal is an Egyptian based design house that uses fabrics from around the world to create laid back and stylish clothes and accessories. My client approached me to design their new booth that would be in one of Cairo's largest malls.

Casa Carina

casa carina

With a limited space and a vast product line, Casa Carina’s owners wanted a concept store that could showcase their product range, their quality and their value for money.

Handicraft Booth at MACEF


Designed with the purpose of attracting new visitors and generating interest in the broad collections of work, the first Egyptian handicraft booth at Macef encompassed a variety of handicrafts, presented in a uniquely modern Egyptian way.