About Human Nature

Founded by Ramzi Makram-Ebeid in 2007, human nature is a boutique interior, furniture and product design firm. Our main design goals are ultimate functionality and minimalistic and vernacular products that celebrate the beauty of the materials used. All of our projects are custom designed and tailor-made where we ensure that we combine client requirements with our design sensibility and expertise, leaving you with a unique space or product that reflects you, your home or your business. What this means is that we work hard to get to know our clients well, as we believe that the best designs are a result of a personalized relationship built over time. We are realistic in our approach towards design, knowing that the ideal design is a result of us meeting your needs and you allowing us the freedom to enjoy every minute of the creative process.

About Ramzi Makram-Ebeid

With a very strong passion for design from the age of 5, I decided to take the leap at the age of 28 and get my Professional Interior Design Certification from UCLA, after completing my BA in International Business from George Washington University and working in marketing and product development in Egypt for 3 years.  My background of business studies with marketing experience allows me to solidly create the perfect brand identity for you and your desired designs in a cohesive and comprehensive manner.