Pharmaceutical Company

6W1A2270 F

Located near the Giza Pyramids, this office belongs to Eva, a third generation pharmaceutical company, and accommodates the sales, marketing and HR departments.

CSO Stools


The Bespoke furniture of the CSO was designed to balance out the dramatic effect of the exposed walls and to introduce a Nordic quality.

CSO Desks


My inspiration for the custom designed CSO office furniture was Nordic design meets functionality; I wanted to balance out the dramatic effect of the exposed walls with designs that are grounded



Custom made for GSpace, a co-working destination located in El Gouna, the swings hang facing each other in the chillout area of Phase I.

Kamelizer Workstation


In terms of Kamelizer’s furniture, each piece had to serve both design and function. For a dramatic effect, I created two identical designs for the offices and the meeting table.

Accelero Storage and Chillout


At Accerelo office, every two partners were given a private office and the desks were designed to work individually on or to attach and create a meeting table. With this in mind,  I set about designing the storage and chill-out area.

Accelero Meeting Table


The meeting room at Accelero is made up of two conjoined rooms and gave me a fantastic opportunity to design something to compliment the big space.

The Arrow Writing Desk


Part of the collection designed for Mona Hussein’s Mahally store in Designopolis, this piece uses the same Islamic geometric pattern for inspiration as the Arrow Media Center.

Linkdev Meeting Tables


With the papyrus being an overall inspiration for Linkdev offices, I designed two meetings tables to suit their employees’ direct, daily needs.