photography by ahmed ehab

designed: 2015 by ramzi makram-ebeid

“Ramzi is one of the few precious designers who understands the relevance of every small detail and works to ensure the bigger theme of a design. I have worked with Ramzi on multiple projects, not only his ideas are always different and original but he is consistently exceeding my expectation in giving the project more time and effort.”

Hanan Abdel Meguid – Kamilzer CEO

For the furniture design, each piece had to serve both design and function. I created two identical tables (though the office table is slightly smaller then the meeting) for drama.  Initially, the legs were inspired from the metal support structures we were going to have for the loft.  Though the structure changed, I decided to keep the legs as they worked perfectly with the vernacular cut outs and in lays found on both main walls.  The large planks of solid wood added richness and warmth to the space, while the gold legs added shine.