designed: 2012 by ramzi makram-ebeid

Ramzi had conducted himself in the utmost professional manner bringing to the project a high level of integrity. His work is exceptionally thorough. He has follow through skills, ability to manage skilled workers and great customer attention (pre, during and after sales.

Ragy Soliman – Manager Accelero Capital

The meeting room at Accelero is made up of two conjoined rooms and gave me a fantastic opportunity to design something to compliment the big space. As someone who is not fond of over-branding, this table subtly uses part of the ‘A’ from the Accelero logo, and tops it off with a very thin, flying countertop.

Firmly fixed to the floor, the table’s open area allows for comfort and ease of movement around it. In the center of the table, users can get access to electric sockets, network access, laptop to television screen access and laptop to projector access via the ubiq.