designed: 2013 by ramzi makram-ebeid

Ramzi was dedicated to ARPU to assure that this project will be done on the higher professional levels, no need to speak about his talent of Re – checking every single Detail might face him more than once.
Manners, Skills & Excellent Communication that Ramzi works upon, not only in his role, but also in any related issues, really reflect his Professionalism & Passion to what he provides.

Nermeen Fathy, ArpuPlus Administration Supervisor

Located near one of the busiest squares and overlooking one of the most congested bridges in Cairo, the new Arpu Plus office is in the center of everything; including noise and visual pollution. We therefore had to create an environment conducive to work for an Arpu Plus development team that would both relax and motivate. With that in mind, the concept of working in the middle of the lush serene green Nile banks came to be.

After designing the “midnight sun media center,” I really wanted to take advantage of large-scale photography in a big way. The photographs had to be relaxing and authentic, but they could not take away unnecessary space. The mdf clad walls surrounding the large workspace were therefore the perfect solution; aligned with the windows, back lit and easy to adhere the photography onto.

Choosing the space to photograph was the next step. Working with the awesome photographer Ahmad Emad at two locations, he was able to compile the photographs to make us feel like we are in the middle of one vast green space overlooking the Nile.

With such brilliant imagery, everything else in the space had to be neutral and maintain the calmness. This also included a strict adherence to color code; black, white and grey were only used. The clean lines and the materials of the mosaico floors are as fitting with the photography as they are both natural and durable. To minimize noise, high traffic areas were covered in tiled carpets that work well with the mosaico.

The furniture also had to be minimal; all designs are straight lines with the exception of all legs. For example, using the ‘a’ from Arpu’s logo to incorporate a little corporate subtlety into the space, the desks become modern and highly functional. The metal not only supports the counter, it also supports all the under-desk storage. The white legs contrasts wonderfully with the black drawers and counters. Also, each employee has his/her own ubiq network and power access points.

With larger spaces, the management rooms offer window seating for employees to work or relax, and extra storage throughout. Though the photographs are gorgeous, I didn’t want all the rooms to look the same. The management and brainstorming rooms therefore had images of bright blue skies on the ceiling. Again, I used this opportunity to play with both direct and indirect lighting.

Designing the cushioned retractable bleachers was super fun. After designing the step seating of Flat 6, I wanted to add back cushions this time for extra comfort. Also, as there is only one meeting room in this office, and they also requested a meeting table, I wanted the whole space to be flexible. So, the couch can be easily tucked away and still be used. Moreover, to avoid shoes on the cushions and to make it easier for people to go up and down, all the seat and back cushions are moveable. Lastly, the meeting tabletop is removable so that the room can accommodate more people.

The kitchen is another way to incorporate informal meeting rooms. With 3 standing tables, employees can eat, chitchat or have a meeting. The frosted glass panels near it serve as brainstorming walls, while the frosted glass in middle “island” helps divide the space but not stop the light.

The bathrooms here bring in the colors and materials used throughout the office in a more graphic way. The strong black repeated rectangular shapes house partitions, glass, mirrors and even hold the bathroom accessories.

arpu floorplan before                                                     arpu floorplan after

after Arpu before