photography by ahmed ehab

designed: 2014 by ramzi makram-ebeid

The best thing about working with Ramzi is that he gives you personal attention more than any designer I have ever worked with. He follows up with the manufacturer, and is happy to work with someone the client recommends. Either way, he follows up both at the factory or on site as needed more than anyone I know. And he gets it done to perfection! Thank you Ramzi!

Omar Abou Alam & Naila Halawa

Keeping the same spirit as the “The Invisible Rotating Bar,” this piece was designed to blend into the stunning interior design of Eklego.

By using the same pattern found in their floorboard (“wazara” in Arabic) and repeating it, the media center is minimal, functional and unique.

A lighter stain was used for this pine wood piece, the same stain and wood used for the two main chairs of their dining table.

Only intended to be used for small knick-knacks, the center offers two pull down doors for easy access, while maintain a stable surface top for decorative pieces and one of their speakers.