photography by ahmed ehab

designed: 2015 by ramzi makram-ebeid

Sherwal is an Egyptian based design house that uses fabrics from around the world to create comfortable, laid back and stylish clothes and accessories. The large array of colors and patterns meant that we needed to create a simple backdrop for the collections.

Hamsa Rabie, the founder and designer behind Sherwal, wanted her new booth in one of Cairo’s largest malls to be rustic and boho. I visited her brick and mortar store before beginning my design to better understand her vision and more importantly, what was and what wasn’t working there.

After the visit, I pushed for a more minimal space that was easily accessible, and made her colors and patters really stand out. As the location of her booth changes literally days before installation, we had to do minor tweeks to make her booth work for the final location.

As the sherwals (Aladin style pants) were the beginning of her concept, I wanted to make them a focal point. Inspired from markets in the Arab world and India, I loved the idea of layers of folded and hanging pants. The main wall shows a large variety of colors and prints available at Sherwal, and gives a great overall impression. (The same concept was reiterated for the junior sherwal pants on the cashier desk). The main focal point also serves as a large storage area for the booth. (Access is from behind the booth so as not to cut off circulation inside the booth).

Hanging areas were a must, and I felt we needed to separate the areas, not only for circulation, but also to divide the collections more efficiently.  This is the only element with color, besides the artist details that the client later added, in the space. Also important was the space allocated between all displays, giving the eyes time to rest and re-adjust before moving onto the next display.

Display cases are meant to show a minimal number of accessories, allowing clients to really see the products.

The low stool seating also doubles as extra display areas, and practically can be piled up and spread throughout the space as necessary.

The cashier desk is display and function, and is positioned right at the front, allowing visitors to be greeted as they walk.

Regarding finishes, I wanted the space to feel richer, so I opted for solid wood with a gray stain. Again, the gray was a perfect background for Sherwals rich colors.

Finally, the glass and metal handmade signage, on the top of the large display tower, is a reflection of the design house and can be visible from afar, thus attracting visitors from other parts of the mall due to its colors, light and size.

Contracting by: Mazura