Dena's Flat

Chez Me

The Gouna House


With a love of Boho, mid-century, Islamic and African designs, combined with a passion for art and graphic design, Dena’s home needed to showcase all aspects of her dynamic personality. Though allowing each element to shine in its own right was important, I also wanted the space to be minimal and calming.  

chez me

Having spent eight years living with my grandparents in this apartment, their house was very much my beloved home. But in time and after their passing it began to feel like a weathered photo album that needed a new cover. I was faced with the difficult task of transforming a space full of memories into my own home.


With abundant inspiration in El Gouna and a client who wanted a relaxing, kid friendly space, I decided to create an interior that mixed Nubian sensibility with mid-century sleekness and functionality. The result was a personalised home that is attractive, calming and provides modern amenities.