The first Egyptian handicraft booth at Macef, the events 2008 expo needed to attract new visitors and create interest in the vast collection displayed. The result was a booth that focuses on handicrafts and welcomed expo visitors from every angle in a uniquely modern Egyptian way. 

The graphics were created by Hossam Hassan of Samdzine ( and took a modern twist of Egyptian handicraft artistry. From the typography to the imagery, Hossam really did a brilliant job creating the required effects.  

The use of the black and white color scheme made the booth modern as well as gave a minimal backdrop to the focal point of the booth, the handicrafts.

The booth was divided into six large displays for individual businesses, and a central large open space for dozens of smaller ones. Each large display area was given a space for branding as well as a blown-up image of their product being made. 

In this photo, you’ll see Hossam’s take on glass blowing.

Each of the large booths required its own layout. The Miro marble booth, for example, put the focus on their beautiful mantel. 

To help visitors differentiate between products and display, white stools/tables were used throughout the booth.

Display areas were all elevated and clad in a contrasting shiny white to highlight their products, keeping each display owner within his/her confines and highlighting their products.

The large number of rugs displayed for Al-Gehad rugs meant that I had to maximize display space. Two walls were erected to display six rugs (one on top of another) and fabric samples.