For Mabruka’s first Christmas collection we decided to create Egyptian inspired tree ornaments.  Using Finnish plywood, gold colored plexi and silver colored plexi, we were very excited to introduce our 2 new collections in each of our materials. 

Our first collection – the holy family – is inspired by Coptic iconography, and depicts the holy family in a traditional orthodox manner.  The blessed mother, for instance, is seen carrying the baby Jesus in our nativity scene. St. Joseph, an angel, 2 palm trees, a camel and a donkey complete the collection.  

Our second – the Pharaonic collection, consists of 6 famous symbols from Egypt’s past. Representing new beginnings, royalty and/or protection, this collection consists of: a scarab, a uadjet (eye of horus), a lotus flower, an ankh (key of life), a cartouche (with “christmas” written inside) and a bastet (cat goddess).