photography by randa fahmy's website

(listed in alphabetical order)

3 Brothers

this is the place to go for the basics (spot lights, linear fluorescent casements, etc…). egyptian, 3 Brothers also offers imported products from their heliopolis headquarters. great prices and selection.

3 Brothers has many stores, i frequent the new showroom in mohandeseen.

telephone: 02-3344-6547


high quality, traditional and beautiful modern egyptian designed and made lighting fixtures. this is the store to go to for a modern dramatic take on egyptian lighting. always accommodating and reliable, caravanserai is a pleasure to work with.

caravanserai is based in zamaleck.

telephone: 02-2736-3835

design community/OSO

these two sister stores offer the best in modern lighting in cairo. OSO offers affordable versions from your favorite designers. design community offers the same, as well as higher end products from the world top designers.

OSO is based in ard el golf, heliopolis.

telephone: 02-2291-7693

design community, which also offers OSO products, is in maadi.

telephone: 02-2750-8561


mood lighting/fusion

high end at its core, fusion offers the ultimate in lighting design. though expensive, fusion is worth it and offers great lighting design services as well.

mood lighting/fusion’s store is in zamaleck.

telephone: 02-2738-1116

randa fahmy

the leader in the most beautiful of traditional Islamic lighting design, randa fahmy’s intricate work, quality and attention to detail is unmatchable. made in Egypt; when you work with randa, you are working with a genuine artist.

randa fahmy’s main showroom is in el ain gallery in mohandeseen.

telephone: 02-3338-1342

ultra design

made in egypt, modern and very well priced, ultra design is the place to go for affordable contemporary lighting. not only do they customize existing products for you, they can also custom make ones too and the whole process is truly enjoyable!

ultra design is based in zamaleck.

telephone: 012-8001-4722