top 6 flooring suppliers in cairo
photography by nile mosaico's website

written: 2013 by ramzi makram-ebeid

Here are my top six flooring providers in Egypt, and 6 quick tips to bare in mind:

1. Use the “real deal.” if you want wooden floors, go for natural wood. Doing this  will bring authenticity to your space and an energy that only the “real deal” could bring. 

2. Use the same flooring in the majority of the space, it’s a little visual trick that helps make the space look bigger and helps tie in all rooms. 

3. Durability is very important, make sure you get a flooring that will work well with the function of a room and your lifestyle. i.e. does it need to be water proof? How much traffic will the space have?

4. The area of color that your flooring covers is second only to your walls, so plan out the entire space’s color scheme to ensure that all colors are working well together.

5. Style, not just the style of the space is important, but also of the period of the building that space it is in.  If you’re living in a well designed building, try to tie in your space to that of the building somehow (this can be done via the flooring, walls, furniture, etc…)

6. Finally, don’t go cheap, changing your flooring once you move in is a nightmare. So, for example, if you want marble but can’t afford a high quality marble, go for a high-end terrazzo, you’ll save money, have the color you want and get a durable product.

(in alphabetical order)

Floors and more


6 salah el din street.
1st floor, apt #22
tel: 02 2736-4543

recommended for: sisal & wool rugs, leather tiles, cement tiles and solid wood flooring



915 corniche el nile street

old cairo

tel: 02 2365-3326

recommended for: solid wood flooring (huge fan, they also make amazing high-quality furniture)



56 imtedad ramses st,
nasr city, cairo, egypt
tel: 02 2401-3920

recommended for: granite, marble, onyx, sandstone and slate

nile mosaico


 9 sekka el beida

off of salah salem

el abbasiya

tel: 02-2482-2431

recommended for: plain and designed terrazzo tiles

terra egypt – stones and glass


5 el nakhil street
off el-batal ahmed abdel aziz street.

tel: 02 3335-7111

recommended for: mosaics, natural stones and tiles (ceramic and glass)



23a ismail mohamed street,


tel: 02 2736 0420

recommended for: acrylic, silk/cotton and wool rugs (besides their lighting and furniture of course)