photography by karim mansour

designed: 2010 by ramzi makram-ebeid

I wanted a coffee table for a long time but never found anything in the shops that suited my taste, my colors and my environmental interests. This is the challenge Ramzi took up when I asked him to design and make the coffee table and one he so well lived up to.

Dr. Hala Barakat

Designed for an appreciator of salvaged furniture, the piece started off with a visit to Ezbat Belal, Cairo’s premier district for salvaged architectural pieces. Visiting many of the vendors, my client selected the wood that she connected most with and I proceeded to incorporate it into a table.

Playing around with the intricate wooden pieces, I felt that an X-shaped base would give the piece a modern element and enhanced it further with a custom glass top that mirrors the table’s unique shape.

The green washed portion of the table uses the same azizi wood as the salvaged portion, while adding color to the piece and the client’s living room. Using separate pieces of massive wood for the legs, the exposed joints and connections are both functional and decorative.