Alongside the Cairo based architect and interior designer, Nermine Mokhtar (Atrium Designs), Laila Neamatalla and myself created Mabruka, a line that aims to create the perfect decoration for all occasions celebrated in the Arab world.

Last Ramadan, Laila Neamatalla (Nakhla and Siwa Creations) and myself realized that we both had the same idea for a long time: modern high-end Ramadan accessories for home and commercial use. Excited, we immediately began designing the metal block collection, salt-rock block collection and salt rock prayer beads that you can see below.

The inspiration for both block collections, we also call them “Ramadan Towns,” were children’s building blocks to combine whimsy with elegant. For the metal collection, we blended that concept with Islamic latticework, and topped that off with fun vibrant colors. The collection can be constantly rearranged and added to, giving clients limitless display options for individual taste and preferences.

Working alongside Randa Fahmy (Randa Fahmy Designs), we were able to create a work of art for each “block,” thanks to her gorgeous latticework designs. You can create your own town using a mixture of our diverse shapes, which are available in four unique latticework patterns and six different colors. With space for small candles (tea-light), the latticework for each piece is magically magnified onto the surrounding surface areas once lit.

While creating the metal building block collection, we also decided to create the salt rock building block collection. Salt rock, known for its healing properties, helps bring nature to your Ramadan table and also mixes well with the metal. Handmade in Siwa we were able to design a unique Mabruka product with the high quality and elegance you’d expect from Siwa creations. 

We also designed over-sized prayer beads with colorful strings, which tie in with the colors of the metal building blocks and the salt rock building blocks effortlessly. 

Other items include linens, prayer bags/rugs and plexi-glass.