photography by Hossam Hassan

designed: 2007 by ramzi makram-ebeid

With the papyrus being an overall inspiration for Linkdev offices, I designed two meetings tables to suit their employees’ direct, daily needs.

The larger of the two is a 12-seater and offers each person an electrical socket and light switch placed in the countertop. The light color of the wood downplays the size of the table and with an 80cm wide removable section, the table can easily double in workspace on all sides.

I wanted to do something a little crazier with the smaller meeting table, so I tapped further into the shape of the papyrus. The zein-clad table seats 8 people and has a large opening in the middle for both network and light outlets. Playing around with steel tubes I found at a local mechanic, I created casing for the wires, as well as a unique decorative element that reflects my main inspiration.

Other color options are available upon request.