designed: 2009 by ramzi makram-ebeid

Working with Ramzi simply raised the bar of what one might expect from an interior designer. His commitment to the client, his contagious enthusiasm and his dedication to  always satisfy the customer wishes have rendered this a fun rather than an arduous job. I look forward to working with him again!

Marianne Simaika

Inspired by details found in old mosques, local designs, and mixed with modern kitchen ideas, the “Gouna Kitchen” is a handmade addition worthy of being displayed in any open space. Using zein wood, white crystal stone, and stainless steel, the kitchen focuses on ideal storage.

Open storage is available for quick access, and closed storage is perfect for items used less frequently, as well as for storage of cutlery when the house is closed.  Furthermore, the kitchen was designed with all appliances and storage needs in mind. For example, the long storage area to the right of the fridge is a pull-out dry food rack.   

Overlooking the wonderful mountains of the Egyptian east coast, the Islamic details found in the upper storage units are installed with up-lighting in homage to a Gouna sunrise.   

To give the kitchen a more traditional vibe and minimize cost, a porcelain Ikea sink was used.

Custom made by Randa Fahmy, the legs of the kitchen elevate it for easy access, protect the kitchen units in case of flooding, and bring a new take on tradition.