For this bathroom my client mentioned that she wanted to play around with water friendly woods. Having a lot of products, towels and other accessories I knew we needed something with a lot of space to store everything.


Designed for Cairo Kitchen, the establishment wanted a station for the servers to store cutlery, condiments and napkins. Wanting to adhere to the retro style of the space, I aimed to design a piece that was old school and would add some soul to the set up.


Working with this beautiful Eklego designed bathroom, I wanted to design something that complemented the oval black oak mirror my clients had already purchased, as well as the dramatic marble paneling of the space.


In the same spirit as the Invisible Rotating Bar, the Wazara media center was designed to blend into the stunning interior design work of Eklego.


Inspired by an antique geometric marble and extracting the arrow shape from its pattern, this piece was created specially for Mona Hussein’s showroom in Designopolis, Cairo.