Using the mid-century base of the dining room table, the stainless steel pieces under the glass of the “Gouna Coffee Table” can be removed (with the exception of the four corners) and used as either stools or side tables.


Designed for a lover of salvaged furniture, the salvaged coffee table started off with a visit to ezbat belal (cairo’s premier district for salvaged architectural pieces). Visiting many of the vendors, the client connected most with the salvaged wood we incorporated into her table.


For this coffee table, my client wanted generous space to serve food and drinks on since she often entertains groups of friends. The inspiration for two juxtaposed logs came from her love of wood and I felt the duality of the pieces would bring balance to the large scale items in the rest of the space.

salvaged sofa

An outdoor, built-in sofa that is found in Dena's Flat.