top 6 flooring suppliers in cairo

Here are my top six flooring providers in Egypt, and 6 quick tips to bare in mind:

top 6 - salvaged : second-hand vendors

whether you want to save money, be inspired or be green, this list helps you find unique and, for the most part, affordable items.

top 6 egyptian textile suppliers

With a tradition of weaving dating back to the time of Pharaonic Egypt, we have a plethora of designs in our textile history, and fortunately, we still produce beautifully designed fabrics till this day.

top 6 local upholstered seating designers : manufacturers

one of the coolest things about designing in egypt is that almost anything can be customized to suit our needs and tastes; upholstered seating is no exception.

top 6 lighting stores in cairo

Here is a list of the top 6 lighting stores in Cairo, listed in alphabetical order.


"Designing Despite of…” A Presentation by Ramzi Ebeid