photography by karim mansour

designed: 2011 by ramzi makram-ebeid

Part of the collection designed for Mona Hussein’s Mahally store in Designopolis, this piece uses the same Islamic geometric pattern for inspiration as the Arrow Media Center.

The tabletop itself is shaped like an arrow, as are its two central legs. Exposed joints are visible on top as well as on the bottom of the desktop. The inner legs were designed to support the desktop in a very minimal and airy way, while the outer legs are organic in shape and add to the earthy feel of the desk. The shelf gives the already comfortably sized desk more space for storage.  

The visible grain of the azizi wood adds to the earthy and grounded feel, while in the sunlight, the stain casts a natural golden hue. As a client once called it: down to earth chic.

Other color options are available upon request.