designed: 2012 by ramzi makram-ebeid

Ramzi had conducted himself in the utmost professional manner bringing to the project a high level of integrity. His work is exceptionally thorough. He has follow through skills, ability to manage skilled workers and great customer attention (pre, during and after sales.

Ragy Soliman – Manager Accelero Capital

Accelero capital is the most formal corporate office I have designed. Having worked with three of the partners before meant a trust worthy relationship already existed, making the entire process truly fun. As such, designing an investment and management office proved to be much easier and more rewarding than anticipated.

 The design throughout this office shows strength and intelligent spending. Whether the furniture is cantilevered or hung on the wall, nothing “flimsy” was used.  Regarding costs, most items here are local and several of them are manufactured in small workshops in the outskirts of Cairo, where quality and price are excellent.   

 As the corporate colors are red, black and white, I chose to focus on three tones of woods, black and white, and only use red as accent colors. This was done to give the space a more calming feel since red is a very dramatic color that’s full of energy.

 As for materials, the wood grain is a key player throughout the space.

 Walnut wood was selected for pieces purchased from Mobica to add a little exotic flair to the office. Honed turkish carrara marble was used throughout to add white to the predominately black washed oak furniture. Matt metal was used for all hardware and some lighting, and is a continuation of the matt used on everything (except the entrance Accelero signage). Frosted glass is found everywhere, from doors to cabinets, allowing for light transmission and increasing the surface area for writing boards. 

 With an Egyptian manufactured bench that I designed in front of it, the large-scale lion etching coupled with a great logo on a shiny wooden surface turns this signage into a work of art onto itself.

Looking up, we see that concrete slab (with outlines of the wooden planks used during its construction still visible) painted in one coat of white, it’s a great way to show how sometimes only minimal work is needed in a material to turn it into something beautiful. The false ceiling on the corner was created to be a mirror for the “track” designed in the middle of the space and provide more lighting for this area. By tearing down a number of walls, I was able to create a central track to improve circulation throughout the office and distribute it in a more effective manner.

The reception desk is dramatic as it is long. Metal supports the long counter, that doubles as a reception desk and standing meeting table, and houses all the main lighting switches of the office. The wall behind the receptionist is composed of beautiful planks of wood, a continuation from the newly installed entrance’s floor. The oak wood planks were chosen to give the office a more natural feel, while also playing on the strength aspect.

Opening the sliding doors, a massive table supported by the “A” from Accelero’s logo is parallel to the room entrance wall. The table is the focus point of the space. 

Like all other rooms, shutters – a great way to add indirect lighting and a more welcome sensation, are up on the ceiling (concealing the a/c’s and adding extra storage) and on the doors of the side food serving stations. The marble tops of these stations make them water proof and add white to balance all the black furniture. 

As this was meant for any partner to hold one-on-one meetings and as a second meeting room, the private office’s table is the focal point of the room. With ample room to move, the table’s cantilevered design is both functional and a great symbol of strength. 

Like the private office, the shared offices also double as meeting room. The ample storage for each partner is covered in frosted glass, adding light and writing surfaces.

The main couch in the middle is intended for relaxation, or can be used as guests’ chairs for the desks or meeting table. Once combined, thanks to recessed legs, the desks can have one counter which turns them into a perfect meeting table.

Partners have wall and display spaces for their own private collections, making each office unique and a reflection of each partner. 

With room for 12 comfortable spaces in the future, the current layout has 2 large work-desks, 4 storage units and another chill-out bench for taking a break or having informal meetings.    

Everybody needs to chill-out at some point, and here the team can eat, watch television, and if need be have informal meetings. The foldable white table allows it to be easily moved creating more space for chairs if need be. The red chairs and bin add color to the space, and make it more laid back than the rest of the office. 

Open to the rest of the space, the kitchen has a very large “locker” area in its entrance. The lockers are designed for the partners and employees to have private storage for all their kitchen related space. As with the rest of the office, frosted glass was used for the look and the added fun of leaving notes on all the lockers. 

Maintaining the same vibe of the rest of the office, the bathrooms use the same flooring pattern found in the entrance but with Turkish carara marble instead of oak planks. The black corian adds a modern feel, and the large mirrors are functional and increase the visual space of the bathrooms. Adding red accessories in the bathrooms added fun to the space.